Kiss under the mistletoe

To glam up the dinner table on Christmas Eve, today we’ll make a set of 6 napkin holders, using 18 LEDs to represent holly and mistletoe.


You’ll need:

  • 9 white LEDs
  • 9 red LEDs
  • 6 coin cell batteries
  • Empty toilet/kitchen rolls
  • Golden and silver paper
  • Conductive tape
  • 2 different shades of green felt
  • Glue

1) Prepare the pieces
Start by cutting 6 rings of equal width in the kitchen roll.
Cut 3 strips in the golden paper (and 3 in the silver one), wide and long enough to be wrapped around the rings.
Prepare 6 paper battery holders, (in golden and silver paper, if you’ve got enough, the back being the coloured side).


In the light green felt cut out some mistletoe leaves, whilst you cut some holly leaves in the darker felt.
You need to cut enough leaves for 3 rings of each.

2) Assembly
Start by sticking your paper around the the rings. Add the battery holder on the outside, at the bottom, the conductive tape should run on the inside of the ring.


On the side diametrically opposed to the battery, stick the leaves. Pierce 6 holes in the ring to allow 3 LEDs to go through. Make sure the longest lead of your LED will meet the conductive tape linked to the positive side of the battery holder on the inside of the ring; and, similarly, the shortest leads will be linked to the negative side.

Ensure all 3 LEDs make good contact with the conductive tape, add a battery to test. Repeat the process for all the rings.


And there you go! Custom napkin holder for a bright family dinner!


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