Elf cuffs

Don’t put your sewing kit away just yet, I’m back with wearables, and 14 LEDs.


You’ll need:

  • 14 mixed yellow, white and green LEDs
  • Green felt
  • Green chenille wires
  • 2 Coin cell batteries + holders
  • Conductive and normal thread
  • Bells


To make Elf cuffs:
Start by cutting a strip of felt that is as wide as the battery holder.
Cut the length so it wraps up your wrist (+ battery holder).
Lay out 7 LEDs on it, alternating green, yellow and white.

Sew up the LEDs with conductive thread. You might need to add a resistor to yellow and green LEDs so that the white ones get enough current.

Sew chenille wire on the sides of the wrist band.
Add an extra bit of felt at the back of it (at the end where the battery isn’t) so that the thread doesn’t touch the battery when the cuff is wrapped around your wrist.


Repeat the whole process for your other hand. Add a few bells (but be cautious and keep them away from the LEDs and conductive thread or they might create short circuits) – and be ready to be shining and jingling!


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