Mr. & Mrs. Gingerbread

Back to the world of textiles today with a couple of gingerbread people soft toys and 12 LEDs!


You’ll need:

  • 12 mixed LEDs
  • 2 sewable push buttons
  • 2 sewable batter holders + battery
  • Felt, various colours
  • Conductive and normal thread
  • Wadding

1) Preparing our Gingerbread people
Start by drawing your characters. The two above are drawn on an A4 sheet, to give you an idea of the size. When you’re satisfied with your design, make multiple copies of it; we are going to cut out different pieces that overlap and will interfere with one another.

Cut out the paper bodies of your gingerbread couple and pin them to a double layer of felt (to make the back and front of each). Cut the felt, leaving a margin around the model (to account for the space the stuffing and LEDs will take up later). Cut Mrs G.’s skirt and feet separately.

2) Sewing the circuit
You will then need to cut a single-layered thick piece of felt of the area where your circuit will be. Draw a quick circuit on your model, prepare your LEDs by curling up their legs, lay them out on the felt with a sewable pushbutton and coin cell holder (test the circuit with alligator clips, if necessary). Mark the place of your components on the felt using a pen, and start sewing the circuit with conductive thread.


Next, place your circuit between your body pieces, pin them together, and cut small holes on the front to let the LEDs through. Also cut a line on the face, where the battery is, we’ll cover it up as being the mouth later. That way if the battery dies, it can be replaced easily.

Repeat the process for the second character. Note that the button is placed slightly differently on each, it will be hidden under their bow.

3) Stuffing and accessories
Begin the sewing with the head; insert wadding as you go along. Make sure it is under the layer of the circuit. Use a pen to push the wadding in narrow places such as the arms and legs.

Repeat for the other toy.

Finally, make bows and a candy cane, and stitch them onto your dolls. You’re done!


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