Holiday wishes

Time to send your wishes to your loved ones, with a set of 5 homemade cards, involving 11 LEDs!


You’ll need:

  • 11 mixed LEDs
  • 5 blank cards, or thick A5 paper
  • Coloured pencils
  • Thin black marker
  • Coin cell battery
  • Conductive and normal tape


  • Feathers
  • Chenille wire
  • Felt
  • Gold marker, UV marker

1) The designs
The explanations are going to be pretty simple today, because you can create your own designs, I’ll just give you a rough idea of how it works and show you what I’ve done.
I am going to draw different things, more or less associated with Christmas and winter : an Angel, a Teddy Bear, a Penguin, a Snowman and a Christmas Tree.


I started by drawing tests on normal paper before drawing the outline on the card with a thin marker.
I am also going to use felt, chenille wires and other materials as part of the card, so I didn’t draw the elements that will be added later on the card itself.
Then, with coloured pencils, I coloured in my drawings.

If you need some inspiration for your designs, there’s a pretty good selection on Buzzfeed; number 8 is my favourite 🙂

2) Adding LEDs
Use a pin to pierce holes in the card, where the LED is supposed to go; put it in place and bend its legs at the back of the card. Build a paper battery holder and stick it at the back of the card, making sure the conductive tape reaches the LED(s). To ensure there’s a good contact between the tape and the light, hold the legs in place with normal, transparent tape. Add a battery and admire your work!

Note that for my Angel card, I chose to use a UV LED and wrote the message with a UV marker.


3) Christmas cards

Christmas Cuddles

Best Wishes

Happy Holidays

Let it snow!

Merry Christmas

That’s it for today! If you make your own Christmas LED cards, please share them!


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